Types Of Spider Vein Treatments

Types Of Spider Vein Treatments

Spider veins are a very common condition in women. Hectic lifestyles, hormonal changes, dietary changes, and increased stress have led to poor blood circulation which has resulted in the spider veins occurring earlier in life. This dilated reddish-blue or purple lines are commonly seen on the lower legs and are very visible in direct sunlight. Doctors have also noted that dilated veins are also common on the face and lower legs due to the increased incidence of office jobs where workers have to sit or stand for extended periods of time. Fortunately, there are many different types of spider vein treatments.

Spider veins may occur due to several reasons but they are entirely treatable. The most common treatment options are as follows

Lifestyle changes — Most doctors recommend that the first step to treatment should be lifestyle changes.
1. Patients have to lose weight by walking or working out. Walking or simple weight lifting can also help in toning leg muscles and reducing body fat.
2. An improved diet that is low in salt and high in fiber and vitamins is also necessary to ensure that the patient does not retain water weight or fat.
3. To prevent swollen legs, it is also a good idea to avoid wearing tight clothing that will restrict the blood flow to the legs and constrict blood vessels.
4. Naturopaths also recommend the use of blood cleaning supplements like Gotu kola, horse chestnut seed extract, and butcher’s broom to improve the quality of muscle tone and blood circulation.
5. Support stockings can also ensure that new dilated veins do not appear.

Surgery- Apart from lifestyle changes, patients can also opt for permanent spider vein treatment Pflugerville treatments that will banish those dilates vessels completely. The most popular treatments are as follows-
1. Sclerosing therapy is one of the most popular and effective treatments that are in use to treat spider vessels. Doctors use a combination of medications to dry up the vessels and to treat them. Newer medications like polidocanol also ensure that pain and ulceration are minimal.
2. Laser therapy is also very common. Some doctors prefer to use laser therapy as it is quicker and the side effects are minimal. Laser therapy is usually preferred when the dilated veins appear on the face. The hot beam is directed on the veins and it burns off the veins resulting in an immediate improvement.
3. Radiofrequency ablation is also a very common treatment for burning out the dilated veins. However, it is an expensive procedure and it is usually done only in large hospitals.

How to choose a spider vein treatment Pflugerville procedure?
We recommend that you get a complete medical evaluation done to assess your health. There can be medical conditions that are causing the spider veins and it may be necessary to treat them before attempting sclerosing or laser treatment. Your doctor will recommend the right treatment for your dilated veins and he will also suggest post-operative procedures to prevent scarring. Please note that although most of these treatments are safe, there is always a risk of injuries and side effects.

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