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Are you searching for spider vein treatment near Austin, TX? First, let’s look at what spider veins are. Spider veins, which are known in a scientific sense as Telangiectasias, are clusters of very small and thin blood vessels that are visible within the skin. Often pink, red, or even purple, they are usually seen as clusters in various different areas of the body. They are most spotted on the legs, however, they may appear anywhere else on the body, and including the face, typically appearing as a series of small lines or spider web-like shaped marks and are substantially smaller than varicose veins. As a result of the both unsightly nature and the possible painful result of these veins, it is quite common that people who are bothered by them will seek out cosmetic therapies in order to rid them. Spider vein Austin is a service that provides this form of cosmetic therapies, and here you can find out exactly how Telangiectasias are formed, and what forms of treatments are available for them.

What are the Causes of Telangiectasias:
This type of vein problem generally occurs as a result of the backing up of blood in certain veins in certain areas of the body, and the valves in these veins are unable to effectively stop the blood from flowing in the wrong direction while it moves upwards from the legs, or wherever the problem is arising. As this blood collects in the veins, it will generally begin to expand and become visible through the skin. This condition is apparent in almost half of adults in the US and can occur as a direct result of hormonal changes, obesity, pregnancy, or as a result of one’s genetic makeup.

A doctor can easily diagnose this through a physical examination and can then suggest a treatment based on an exact evaluation of the condition at hand and one’s current medical history. Ultrasound may also be used in order to assess the severity of the condition and ensure that the most effective treatment is utilized.

Treatment of Telangiectasias:
There are a number of barely invasive treatments available for the aesthetic treatment of the elimination of Telangiectasias which can allow sufferers to once again be proud of their bodies. Modern approaches offer very few side effects, shorter recovery, and almost no pain in relation to older methods.

There are many treatments but one of the most common and standard treatments is foam sclerotherapy, which involves the injecting of a sclerosing solution into the affected spider veins, and this causes them to disappear over time. This is usually performed in a doctor’s office and can take much less than an hour. However, depending on the extent of the problem, some patients will need two to four-hour sessions to achieve the result they desire. Additional therapies include laser therapy which is highly effective, and the VeinGogh surface thermolysis system, through this system, thermal energy is used to eliminate the veins through delivery to the skin. Other causes may be simply treated with compression stockings which place a certain amount of pressure on the veins and promote the normal flow of blood.

However, your Doctor will always discuss with you, what she or she feels are the very best options for treating the condition based on your needs and expectations in regards to the therapies and your body.

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