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Sclerotherapy Austin Texas

Sclerotherapy Austin is the most common cosmetic vein therapy done for spider veins on the legs. It is performed in a medical clinic by a vein specialist, including daily at our vein centers in Austin & Round Rock Texas. The procedure involves the insertion of a very fine needle (smaller than an acupuncture needle) into the fine thread-sized skin veins and then injecting a medication into the veins to cause them to disappear. Because of the advances in pharmaceuticals, sclerotherapy is associated with very little discomfort. The actual medication that is injected into the veins to close them also has a numbing/anesthetic quality. This is a relatively new advance in pharmaceuticals. Sclerotherapy medications of the past were associated with a burning and stinging sensation during the treatment which was rather uncomfortable.  We are experts in sclerotherapy in Austin Texas!

Sclerotherapy Austin Texas

The newer treatment options are much better tolerated. According to Dr. Gotvald, board-certified vein specialist, “Sclerotherapy of the past is much different than modern sclerotherapy. It is literally like night and day. It used to be that patients had difficulty tolerating the treatments well due to the discomfort involved during the injections. With newer sclerotherapy medications, there is literally almost no pain involved.”  We specialize in sclerotherapy in Austin Texas!

How Long Does It Take to See Results After Sclerotherapy?

Most patients will begin to see results within a few weeks. With other patients with larger veins, it may take a few months to see the final results. The bigger the veins, the longer that it takes them to absorb and disappear. Although the medication closes the veins within minutes after injection, the body’s immune system must then respond to the drug. The body will then absorb the dead veins over time, as it sees the dead veins as “foreign scar tissue” and rids the body of the veins over time.

How Many sclerotherapy Treatments Are Necessary to Make My Legs Look Better?

That will vary depending on how many abnormal spider vein clusters are on your leg, how large the clusters are, and whether you need one or both legs treated. It also depends on how well your body responds to the medication. Dr. Gotvald reports “Most of my patients require only one or two sclerotherapy sessions to become satisfied with the appearance of their legs. Other patients that I see have let their spider veins go untreated for a very long time and have very extensive abnormal leg veins. These types of patients may require several sessions to make their legs look good again.”

What Medications Are Utilized For Sclerotherapy?

In the United States, the FDA has approved the use of Polidocanol and Sotradecol for the treatment of spider veins. Polidocanol also goes by the trade name “Asclera.” Several other medications have been used for vein sclerotherapy by physicians in the past, including hypertonic saline and Glycerine with reasonable success. At Austin Vein Specialists, we prefer to utilize only the FDA-approved medications due to their proven safety profile.  Typically the session length is 30 minutes.

We can schedule your 3o minute session on a day and time that is convenient for us. Our Vein Specialists performs daily Sclerotherapy in Austin Texas!

What Are Other Spider Vein Treatment Options?

Although sclerotherapy is the most common therapy for the treatment of spider veins, there are other treatment options available. This includes the use of vein lasers/skin laser or the use of Ohmic Thermolysis. These therapies all utilize thermal energy to ablate the abnormal veins, rather than the use of injectable medications. This type of thermal treatment of spider veins has great utility when treating veins in areas of very skin thin, such as on the ankles, feet, or face. But it can also be performed on the legs as well. Which therapy would be best suited for you and your skin type will be determined by a vein specialist.

Sclerotherapy Alternatives Austin Round Rock Texas

Why Choose Austin Vein Specialists For Sclerotherapy?

Dr. Gotvald, the founder and director of Austin Vein Specialists, has over 15 years of experience treating vein disease and performing sclerotherapy. He always sees and treats his patients one-on-one. He will do the initial consultation and assessment of your legs and will also perform all of your vein treatments himself. Unlike other local vein clinics that utilize nurses, PAs, or medical assistants with variable experience to perform such treatments, at Austin Vein Specialists an experienced and board-certified vein physician will always perform your sclerotherapy sessions.
Also of great importance is that our physician is a board-certified vascular surgeon and vein specialist. This is unique to most of the vein clinics is Austin. Many of the clinics in Austin that perform vein treatments are staffed by radiologists or dermatologists who often are typically not board-certified as vascular specialists. This means that they typically have not had formal residency or fellowship training in vascular surgery and vein disease treatments. This is also true of most medical spas that offer sclerotherapy treatments.

Need Sclerotherapy Austin Texas?  Austin Vein Specialists offers the therapy under the supervision of board-certified vein specialists.

How Do I Arrange a Sclerotherapy Session?

To arrange your sclerotherapy in Austin Texas, call our office at (512) 339-9100 to arrange your sclerotherapy session.

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