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There are many reasons to treat vein diseases, ranging from severe circulatory disorders and blood clots that mandate treatment to elective outpatient cosmetic interventions for aesthetic reasons. Our vein doctor is an expert in treating all forms of the blood vessel and vein conditions. But the focus of Austin Vein Specialists is the cosmetic treatment of varicose veins and spider veins of the legs, face, and throughout the body. We concentrate on the utilization of the latest cosmetic vein technologies and most current aesthetic therapies, with our goal to achieve exceptional cosmetic results and outstanding patient satisfaction.

At our cosmetic vein treatment centers in Austin and Round Rock Texas, our board-certified Vein Specialists are the most qualified to treat your vein condition as a result of their qualifications, expertise, and interest in providing the best quality cosmetic vein treatments available.

Board-Certified Cosmetic Vein Experts

Unlike many other medical clinics and spas that perform vein therapies as one of many service lines, Austin Vein Specialists focuses exclusively on the treatment of vascular & vein conditions. Our physician, Joel Gotvald, MD, FACS, RPVI, is a board-certified Vascular & Vein Specialist whose entire practice concentrates on the diagnosis and treatment of circulatory conditions and vein diseases. His primary interest in establishing Austin Vein Specialists was to provide the Austin Medical Community with a Center of Excellence for the Cosmetic Treatment of Varicose Veins & Spider Veins. He has been performing vein treatments for over 15 years, with a focus on cosmetic vein therapies and vein plastic surgery.

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The Latest Cosmetic Vein Technologies

Our cosmetic vein centers utilize the latest technologies to optimize the results of your skin vein treatments. One such advanced technology is the VeinViewer™ Vision device, which allows our vein physician to “see-through” your skin (almost like superman’s x-ray vision). This advanced vein technology is the first and only such device that utilizes harmless near-infrared light to project a detailed digital image of a patient’s veins directly onto the surface of the skin in real-time. The unique Vein Viewer device allows our doctors to have a non-invasive method to identify all of your abnormal sub-surface skin veins in extreme detail, creating a literal “road map” of all of your varicose and spider veins. A similar device, called the AccuVein device, is also utilized at our vein centers.

Many spider veins and varicose veins are caused by defective source veins further beneath the skin that are “feeding” the surface veins with abnormally high-pressure blood flow. It is critical to be able to visualize these underlying veins in order to precisely deliver effective treatment to these veins. With our experienced staff utilizing the advanced technology of the Vein Viewer™, we are able to visualize all of these veins in great detail. This amazing technology allows for the application of the most precise vein treatments ever available. See the VeinViewer™ video demonstration below:

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We utilize the latest sclerotherapy medications and thermal devices such as lasers. We also offer all other available vein therapies including VenaSeal vein glue, the Clarivein Procedure, Varithena, Venefit ClosureFast Radiofrequency Ablation, Veinwave, VeinGogh, and Angiodynamics EVLT.

We utilize the most modern scientifically formulated sclerotherapy medications, such as Asclera or Polidocanol. The benefit of these newer FDA-approved medications is that they are associated with superior cosmetic results, less discomfort during vein injections, and fewer risks of side effects. Polidocanol is formulated to not only effectively eliminate veins, but also has a numbing anesthetic quality. Therefore there is no burning or stinging associated with the injection of the medication. And since we also utilize the smallest possible micro-needles for injections, there is very little discomfort associated with the injections (literally just a small ant “bite” sensation at each injection site).

VeinGogh Veinwave Spider Vein Devices

The newest FDA-approved device for the cosmetic treatment of spider veins of the legs, nose, and face is the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System. This technology is also marketed at the Veinwave device as well. This amazing new technology uses precisely directed pinpoint heat energy to remove spider veins effectively. The treatment is very safe and can be performed rather quickly and without any anesthesia. These devices act similarly to laser, but with less risk. VeinGogh thermolysis is relatively painless, with much less discomfort compared to conventional surface lasers. It can be used as a substitute or adjuvant to injection sclerotherapy in the treatment of spider veins. Austin Vein Specialists is currently the only Vein Center in central Texas offering this exciting new technology. See the demonstration video below.

Goals of Cosmetic Vein Therapy

The goal of cosmetic and laser vein therapy at our Austin vein center is to provide the best possible aesthetic result with the least invasive and safest methods possible. Our focus is to restore the beauty of your legs back to their natural youthful appearance while at the same time minimizing the recovery time required. By utilizing the most current methods of venous plastic surgery and aesthetic vein treatments, we pride ourselves on achieving the best cosmetic results available. Laser therapies, ultrasound-based treatments, venous sclerotherapy, and the VeinGogh / Veinwave surface thermolysis system are our areas of expertise. The vast majority of the patients that we evaluate are candidates for one or more of these therapies.

Convenient Locations In Austin & Round Rock Texas

Our Vein Centers are conveniently located in Austin and Round Rock. We also proudly provide vein therapy to patients in the surrounding communities of Cedar Park, Lakeway, Pflugerville, West Lake Hills, and Georgetown Texas. We offer appointments for vein therapies every morning and afternoon Monday through Friday.

By utilizing these newest methods of vein treatments, our Austin specialists strive to achieve the best possible cosmetic results possible and avoid the risks associated with surgical incisions and scarring. Our vein specialists have performed thousands of cosmetic vein treatments. You can feel confident that when you come to our Austin Vein Center that you will be receiving the appropriate recommendations and best possible care.

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