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Venefit ClosureFast Procedure

Venefit is a minimally invasive vein treatment that is used to treat and cure varicose vein disease of the legs. It utilizes targeted endovenous radiofrequency energy to precisely and effectively treats saphenous vein reflux, the underlying cause of varicose vein disease of the legs. The Venefit procedure is also known as the VNUS closure procedure or the ClosureFast procedure. The Venefit device is manufactured and distributed by Medtronic medical for use in endovenous ablation. The vein physicians at Austin Vein Specialists have extensive experience with endovenous ablation and have performed thousands of these interventions.

Venefit Candidates

Anyone who has varicose veins of the legs and underlying chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a candidate for the Venefit ClosureFast procedure. The vast majority of patients with varicose veins have CVI as the cause of their varicose veins, and thus most patients with varicose veins qualify for the treatment.


Venefit Results

The Venefit ClosureFast procedure has a 98% success rate in curing underlying leg venous insufficiency and varicose veins. This procedure is the most utilized treatment for varicose veins in the United States. After the treatment, the leg vein symptoms attributable to the vein disease tend to resolve within just a few days. Symptoms such as leg aching, cramping, swelling, itching, and fatigue tend to resolve completely. The cosmetic appearance of the leg veins improves, but other therapies may be necessary to resolve the abnormal cosmetic appearance of the damaged veins.

Description of the Venefit ClosureFast Procedure

The Venefit ClosureFast procedure is a safe procedure that is done in the comfort of the physician’s office, making it a very convenient therapy to undergo. The abnormal leg vein is made numb with the use of Lidocaine or Novacaine, similar to the numbing process done in a dentist’s office. An IV is started in the abnormal vein under ultrasound guidance. A small radiofrequency catheter, known as the Venefit ClosureFast catheter, is then inserted through the IV and into the vein itself, once again under ultrasound guidance. Next, the catheter is activated, and through the use of radiofrequency energy, the abnormal vein is ablated and closes immediately. The catheter is then withdrawn and you are discharged from the clinic. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Since the vein is numb during the treatment, there is no discomfort associated with the procedure itself. The only discomfort is related to the injection used to numb the vein, which is minor. Since no incisions are required to do this intervention, you can resume normal everyday activity immediately. Most patients return to work the same day!

Does Health Insurance Cover the Venefit Varicose Vein Treatment?

Yes, the Venefit ClosureFast procedure is covered by most health insurance plans and Medicare. There are certain criteria that you will need to meet in order to qualify. This includes the need for an ultrasound to document that there is underlying venous reflux in the leg. Our office staff will make sure that you meet the appropriate criteria and that your insurance will cover the treatment prior to recommending the treatment.

Why choose Dr. Gotvald for your varicose vein Venefit procedure?

There are many reasons that Austin Vein Specialists (AVS) is a preferred provider of the Venefit ClosureFast procedure. All of the procedures at AVS are personally performed by a highly qualified and board-certified Vein Specialist. Our physicians are board-certified in vascular surgery by the Vascular Board of the American Board of Surgery and the American College of Surgeons, the highest level of vein certification available. Our vein specialists have completed a formal university residency and fellowship in vascular surgery and vein treatments. Dr. Gotvald did his vein fellowship at Baylor University Medical Center and Baylor Heart & Vascular Hospital in Texas and he performed hundreds of endovenous ablation treatments during his training and thousands more since completing his fellowship. Our vein center achieves exceptional results (better than the national average) when comparing our treatment results among national databases of vein treatments. We always have your safety and best interests at heart. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, which is reflected in our high ratings on patient satisfaction surveys, such as Healthgrades. We have a contract through Medtronic Inc., the device manufacturer, which provides the Venefit catheters to our vein center directly.

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