Frequently Asked Questions About Spider Vein Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions About Spider Vein Treatments

You’ve just noticed blackish-blue veins on the back of your leg and they look disgusting. They are not that visible at present but in the direct sunlight when you wear a swimsuit; they are going to be disfiguringly difficult to look at. What do you do? Here are some of the FAQs about spider vein treatments.

Understanding spider veins
These dilated veins that have popped up on your body are referred to as spider veins. They are not really dangerous but they can be very disfiguring as they appear just like dilated blue or purple spiders on the surface of the skin. Before you actually start worrying about them, let us assure you that these dilated vessels can be treated and they can be treated quickly. Here are a few commonly asked questions about dilated veins that will educate you about the condition.

• Are these veins dangerous? No, they are not but they can be a sign of hidden medical conditions. If you detect such purple, black-red dilated veins on your body, please get a complete medical evaluation done to protect yourself.
• I did the checkup. The doctor has advised sclerosing treatments. Are they safe? Sclerosing treatments are the most common treatments that are done. We suggest that you consult with your doctor and find out other modes of treatment as well. For example, you can also opt for laser treatment for your dilated vessels but your doctor will have to check your medical condition.
• Are there risks involved with this procedure? Every medical condition has its own side effects and risks. As a result, you might face a little bruising, bleeding, and skin discoloration. However, these effects do subside in two weeks and the skin condition returns back to normal.
• Where will the surgery be performed? Most doctors or plastic surgeons will have their own hospitals or treatment centers where they prefer to work. The procedure can be completed in a few hours and you are sent home after it is done.
• Are there any aftercare procedures that I have to follow? We do recommend that you follow the doctor’s prescriptions and discharge recommendations. Wear a support hose for at least a week after surgery to help your legs to heal. Exercise by walking gently or strolling and make sure that you keep the surgical area clean till it heals completely.
• Do I have to make dietary changes? You don’t have to do but revamping your lifestyle could help to improve overall health. We recommend that you increase the number of fruits and veggies you have in your diet and cut down on the processed food and salt content.
• Can I massage my legs? Yes, you can but make sure that you wait till the area has recovered after the surgery. Do not massage a tender or inflamed area as it may cause infections. We also suggest that you avoid pedicures till the area is completely healed.

We hope that these few questions have settled any queries you may have had about the spider vein treatment Pflugerville procedures. Rest assured that most treatment procedures are safe and are routinely done to treat dilated veins. Contact us here or call 512-220-5401 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.


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