New Vein Center Opens In North Austin & Round Rock Texas

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New Vein Center Opens in North Austin & Round Rock Texas

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Austin Vein Specialists now has 2 new locations, one in Round Rock Texas, and one in North Austin Texas.  The addresses for the 2 locations are:

North Austin Location: 12319 N. Mopac Expressway, Suite #250, Austin Texas 78758

Round Rock, Texas Location: 7700 Cat Hollow Dr., Round Rock, Texas 78705

Joel Gotvald, MD, the founder, and director of Austin Vein Specialists, recently opened a new vein center location in North Austin close to Round Rock, Texas.  The previous vein center was located on Renfert Way, next to St. David’s North Austin Medical Center.  The new vein clinic is located further north in the Centrum, located on North Mopac, immediately north of St. David’s hospital.  The reason for the move was to expand to a larger new state-of-the-art facility to allow for more new equipment and personnel.

“We opened a new facility on North Mopac Expressway to allow for further expansion.  The new vein center is located within the Plaza North Building, which is a brand new construction” according to Dr. Gotvald.   It is convenient for patients living in Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, and Round Rock, as the vein facility is just 5-15 minutes from all of these growing locations.

“The new 3 story building focuses on women’s care more than anything else, although we do treat both men and women with varicose veins, spider veins, and other circulatory disorders” stated Dr. Gotvald.  “The building is going to include a brand new imaging center for vein disease as well as a new breast & mammogram imaging center.  It also includes a laboratory for blood testing and pathology specimens that is run by Quest Diagnostics, so that all tests can be done on-site.”

According to Dr. Gotvald, “Gynecology/urogynecology services are also being offered directly across the hall from us.  Plaza North also has a large dermatology office for other skin conditions and they offer Mohs surgery as well”
says Dr. Gotvald. “Completing the current occupants of Plaza North include a General Surgeon, Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, and a Chiropractor. And there are further medical businesses being planned for the complex” says Dr. Gotvald.

“Due to our rapid expansion and an increasing number of vein patients, we felt that we needed a larger and newer facility, and Plaza North fit the bill.  We were able to design the layout of the space ourselves.  The new design allows for better patient flow and provides more room for the new vein equipment that we have purchased” states Dr. Gotvald.  “The space is modern, clean, and state-of-the-art.”

Austin Vein Specialists offers the most modern therapies for varicose veins and spider veins of the legs.  They also offer treatments for leg pain, leg swelling, blood clots, and phlebitis (vein inflammation).  There is an on-site vein ultrasound department for diagnostic testing.  Most of the vein procedures are performed within the vein center itself. Other more involved procedures that require general anesthesia are performed at the Surgery Center located across the street.

The North Austin location is just a few minutes from the Domain and the Arboretum.  The Round Rock location is just a few minutes from St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center on RM 620.

If you are interested in an appointment at Austin Vein Specialists, please call (512) 220-5401.


Contact us at one of our Vein Center locations in Austin or Round Rock / Cedar Park Texas to schedule your physician consultation with our board-certified Vein Specialist:

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