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Round Rock Texas Vein Specialists

Looking for a Round Rock, Texas Vein Specialists to provide effective varicose vein treatments?  The Austin Vein Specialists is a reputable cosmetic center located near Round Rock, Texas. This company was developed by none other than the renowned cosmetic physician, Dr. Joel G. Gotvald. Dr. Gotvald is a board-certified vein specialist that excels in the areas of cosmetic laser vein therapies, aesthetic vein treatments, and ultrasound-guided treatments. Because of his dedication and commitment is delivering excellent varicose vein treatment, he was able to develop his own treatment center located near Round Rock, Texas. This facility is dedicated to providing not only the best but as well as the most effective treatment remedies for all types of vein disorders. In addition to this, Dr.Gotvald is also known as a professional who also focuses on the satisfaction of his patients. This is why he always sees to it that he provides enough time to meet and talk with his clients one-on-one instead of letting his assistants or practitioners do the assessment and interview.

Another wonderful thing about this cosmetic facility is that it houses some of the best clinical staff in the state. In fact, all of the practitioners and health providers working under Dr. Gotvald’s center are required to maintain the highest level of credentialing available. The staffs are all nationally certified as registered vascular technologists and registered physicians in vascular interpretation. Dr. Joel Gotvald is also board certified by the Vascular Board of the American Board of Surgery. He specializes in Phlebology, which is a field of vascular medicine that tackles issues that involve veins and diseases.

To further improve his credentials and his background in doing advanced treatment against varicosities, Dr. Joel performed 6 years of formal laser and surgical training at some of the top medical facilities in Dallas and Houston. His focus was on minimally invasive therapies to treat vein and vascular disorders and diseases. These therapies typically make use of ultrasound-guided vein treatments, vein lasers, sclerotherapy, and radiofrequency ablation. Sclerotherapy is a popular treatment used to reduce the appearance of varicosities on the skin. This popular procedure is done by injecting a specialized sclerosing solution into the destroyed veins inside the body. The solution will then irritate the lining of the vein causing scar tissues to develop. Once these tissues develop, it will divert the blood to other healthier veins going to the heart. Doctor Gotvald is also recognized nationally as a member of the American College of Surgeons and as well as the Society for Vascular Surgeons. For 15 years, he has successfully performed and interpreted vein studies and other types of venous procedures.

The cosmetic center owned by Dr. Gotvald always makes use of the latest and most advanced treatment interventions available in the market these days. It offers a very comprehensive program that will ensure that any underlying circulatory disorder will be prevented or properly treated. This kind of approach allows the patients to prevent experiencing recurrent varicosities and other vascular problems in the future. The main office or center of the Austin Specialists is located at Plaza North Building, 12319 N. Mopac Expressway, Ste. 250, Austin, Texas. Although it is situated in Austin, it can still cater to other nearby areas including Round Rock, Texas.

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