Vein Doctor Near Round Rock, Texas


Vein Doctor Near Round Rock, Texas

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Patients looking for a vein doctor near Round Rock, Texas have one of the state’s top vein clinics just a short distance away. Austin Vein Specialists, with offices located in the north Austin area and also in Round Rock, Texas, is the best choice if you reside in the greater Round Rock Texas area. Offering world-class doctors and staff, the Vein Clinic can address any and all of your vein problems. Under the leadership of one of Texas’s top vascular surgeons and vein specialists, Dr. Joel Gotvald, Austin Vein Specialists is entirely devoted to the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of vascular and venous disorders.

You may have spider veins, reticular veins, or varicose veins. All are unattractive, and some can cause extreme discomfort. Austin Vein Specialists performs procedures that can alleviate both the appearance and discomfort associated with venous problems. Whether your vein issue is cosmetic or medical or both, as is the case for many people -Dr. Gotvald and his colleagues will diagnose and treat any vein problem, in the comfort of their office, located just minutes from Round Rock, Texas.

Among the services performed are sclerotherapy, which is the treatment of spider veins by simple fluid injection; microphlebectomy, treatment of small bulging varicose veins with small punctures, requiring no stitches; and endovenous ablation, also known as the EVLT or VNUS procedure. Endovenous ablation employs the use of heat to remove and eliminate varicose veins. In performing these procedures, Dr. Gotvald and his staff utilize proven, advanced techniques, eliminating the need for outdated surgeries which require greater time, hospitalization, and recovery.

One of the key benefits of the services provided by Austin Vein Specialists is that they are both time and cost-efficient. The latest procedures performed by Dr. Gotvald and staff are minimally invasive and require a short time frame so that they don’t have to disrupt your or your family’s schedule. Within a time frame of a couple of hours, you can drive to the clinic from Round Rock, have your veins treated, and drive yourself home–recovery time is minimal in most cases. Another benefit of Austin Vein Specialists is that the staff works diligently on behalf of its patients to make sure that all procedures deemed to be medically necessary are covered by major insurers and Medicare. Once the staff has obtained pre-authorization approval from your insurance company, they will schedule your procedure when convenient for your schedule.

When veins are effectively treated, they’re much less likely to recur; this is why it’s important to have it done correctly the first time around, by an experienced surgeon. Only a short drive from Round Rock, the Austin Vein Specialists assures its patients that they will receive the best treatment and most advanced procedures available anywhere today. Dr. Gotvald and his staff look forward to welcoming you to their office. Contact our vein doctor near Round Rock, Texas today here or call (512) 220-5401.


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