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When vein problems arise, they are often unsightly and can cause symptoms that are uncomfortable for patients. Once you’ve decided to have something done about those veins, choosing a clinic and doctor in Austin to take care of them can be overwhelming. Austin Vein Specialists is able to effectively treat a variety of venous disorders and with improvements in methods and using today’s technology, treatment is usually done in the office with no need for hospitalization.

Patients usually don’t experience much downtime and techniques are fast, effective, and done in a minimally invasive way. These treatments are safe, more cost-effective than ever before and results are excellent in most cases. Many patients leave extremely satisfied with the results and are able to return to their normal activities very soon after treatment.

Dr. Gotvald is a board-certified vein specialist and has several certifications in the specialty of venous evaluation and treatment of disorders. He has been recognized by HealthGrades and has received the compassionate doctor award.

Many patients experience symptoms like pain, itching, burning, and heaviness especially in the legs before their vein treatment. Afterward, many are so relieved to be free of these bothersome symptoms and love the way their skin looks without the appearance of the veins that they had before. Technology has made these techniques more effective, less painful, and more accessible to patients than ever before.

Varicose veins are caused by valves in veins that do not work properly and they allow blood to pool in certain areas. This causes the appearance of these unsightly veins which sometimes bulge from the skin. They are thought to be caused by several things like female hormones, pregnancy, and even heredity. These are veins that do not work anymore and are not functional and are no longer needed by the body. Some treatments are done by a series of injections with a tiny needle and discomfort is very little in most cases.

Patients usually see a good cosmetic result from these treatments and often their symptoms are relieved as well. When a person feels uncomfortable from these veins, it is nice to know that bothersome symptoms like throbbing and burning and fatigue will often be relieved after treatment. Circulation can actually be made better by having these vein procedures done.

Dr. Gotvald is happy to offer evaluations to explain all treatments and let patients know what they can expect. He has over 15 years of experience in the latest venous advancements and is qualified to diagnose and treat a large variety of vein problems. Patients are happy to know that they can have most treatments done in the office under local anesthesia and with very little downtime. Patients can confidently rely on Dr. Gotvald’s expertise for the best outcome.

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