Round Rock Texas Sclerotherapy Laser Leg Vein Removal


Round Rock Texas Sclerotherapy Laser Leg vein removal

Sclerotherapy & Laser Leg Vein Removal Clinic & Vascular Center Opens in Round Rock Texas

Austin Vein Specialists has opened a new Vein Center location in Round Rock Texas / Cedar Park Texas. The new clinic location is located on highway FM 620 where Round Rock Texas and Cedar Park Texas merge, providing convenient vein and vascular clinics for both communities. Austin Vein Specialists has been serving the local Austin and Round Rock Texas communities for years. But previously the closest clinic for residents of Round Rock Texas was the North Austin Vein Center location. Now with this new vein clinic, residents of Round Rock and Cedar Park can be at a vascular clinic within 5-10 minutes.

Dr. Gotvald had previously received repetitive requests, almost every week, to open a clinic in the Round Rock and Cedar Park Texas areas. “These requests for another vascular & vein center location were received regularly by patients, family members of patients, local physicians, and even the hospitals themselves,” states Dr. Gotvald. “The communities of Round Rock and Cedar Park really needed a well-established Vascular Surgeon to provide the quality of vascular and vein care that is being provided to Central Austin residents,” states Dr. Gotvald. For many years, even up to 2010, there were no Vascular Surgeons serving the medical community in either of these suburbs around Austin. “Before 2010, when I relocated to Texas, there were no Vascular Surgeons providing vascular or vein care to the Round Rock or Cedar Park communities. That included no local vein clinics as well as no Vascular Surgeons working at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center or St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center,” states Dr. Gotvald. “I quickly obtained hospital privileges at these local hospitals in order to provide these services. I was surprised that a trauma hospital like St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center did not have a Vascular Surgeon to provide Vascular Trauma services,” reports Dr. Gotvald. “The availability and quality of modern vascular surgery dramatically improved after my arrival to these cities. But a continued problem was my availability to staff local clinic outside of Austin. This left patients traveling down to Austin for their outpatient clinic care,” reports Dr. Gotvald. “This was rather inconvenient for them, especially as the Austin traffic has worsened dramatically over the years,” reports Dr. Gotvald. “Now with this new clinic, patients have top-tier vascular and vein care available to them immediately,” states Dr. Gotvald.


Sclerotherapy is a very common treatment performed by vascular surgeons. It involves treated defective leg veins with an injection of medications. It can be used for poor circulation within veins, such as venous reflux and varicose veins. Sclerotherapy can also be performed for more minor cosmetic problems, such as unsightly spider veins and reticular veins. Dr. Gotvald has been performing sclerotherapy for over 15 years. He utilizes only FDA-approved medications, such as Asclera, Sotradecol, and Varithena. He manages an outpatient cosmetic vein treatment clinic that performs leg vein removal procedures. Sclerotherapy is very safe and very effective for treating unsightly or diseased leg veins.

Laser of Leg Veins

Another common therapy for treating unsightly leg veins is the use of vein lasers. Vein lasers are mostly utilized for spider veins, but can also be utilized for larger varicose veins (i.e. EVLT procedure). By heating the skin veins with a specialized and focused thermal device, the veins are closed while keeping the skin protected from heat damage. This technology is particularly useful for small spider vein clusters located on the feet, ankles, and face. But it can also be used for spider veins on the legs with good success. Several treatments may be required to get the desired results. Skin numbing cream can decrease the discomfort associated with these treatments.

Varicose Veins & Spider Vein Treatments

Although people very quickly realize that they have abnormal veins forming on their legs, they are often confused about what types of veins they are and what the treatment option is. Larger bulging veins are referred to as varicose veins. They are blue, worm-like, and often bulge under the skin. Smaller thread-sized veins that appear red or purple in color are referred to as spider veins. At Austin Vein Specialists in Round Rock Texas, we treat both of these conditions. Frequent treatments utilized are sclerotherapy vein solutions and laser / thermal treatments. Unlike many other dermatology offices or spas, our vein clinic is able to provide treatment for all forms of venous disease, no matter how severe. This is because our Round Rock Vein Center is staffed by board-certified vascular surgeons and vein specialists. You will be seen by a board-certified physician at every visit!

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