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May-Thurner Syndrome

Austin Vein Specialists is considered the May-Thurner Syndrome Experts for Central Texas.  Dr. Gotvald, a board-certified vascular surgeon,  has over 15 years of experience treating patients with May-Thurner Syndrome.  The primary treatment for May-Thurner Syndrome symptoms is the placement of a venous stent into the iliac vein in the pelvis. This procedure is typically performed in the outpatient setting and takes under 1 hour for most patients.  If a deep venous thrombosis, or blood clot, has occurred as a result of May-Thurner Syndrome anatomy, it may be necessary to receive a “clot-busting” medication or anticoagulation drug prior to proceeding with the stent insertion.  Not all patients with May-Thurner Syndrome require stenting.  It is advisable to seek an opinion from a board-certified vascular surgeon before receiving any treatment for May-Thurner Syndrome.

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