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The purpose of this website is for informational purposes only.  This website is not designed to substitute for the expert opinion of a trained and qualified physician or to substitute for a proper history and physical exam done in person by a healthcare professional.  This website is not designed for self-diagnosis or self treatment of medical conditions.  The descriptions and details related to the medical diseases, conditions, and treatments described on the Austin Vein Specialists website are provided through a combination of medial research, information derived from peer-reviewed and published medical textbooks and journals, and through Dr. Joel Gotvald’s personal experience as a vascular surgeon.

This website is not to serve as a substitution for one-on-one medical care by healthcare providers or for self-diagnosis of medical disease conditions.  Rather, it is to be utilized as a supplement for additional educational and informational purposes.    Always consult with a healthcare provider to determine the medical condition that you have and what your best treatment options will be. Individual results of treatments described on this website will vary.

Advertising Policy

This website is meant to be used solely for the purpose of providing accurate editorial content related to medical disease conditions pertaining to diseases of the circulation (ie. vascular diseases, vein diseases, and cardiovascular diseases).  This website is not utilized or intended to be utilized to advertise for any specific medical product, pharmaceutical, drug, or interventional procedure.  The website provides a balanced review of available technologies, procedures, products, and medications for the sole purpose of providing the public with a comprehensive source for information pertaining to medical diseases of the circulation.  This website is also not intended to advertise or promote a specific medical specialty or physician.  The website is meant to solely provide accurate medical educational materials to the public.

Financial Disclosure

Austin Vein Specialists and Dr. Joel Gotvald have no financial conflicts of interests to disclose related to his medical practice or for this website, as Dr. Gotvald and Austin Vein Specialists does not receive any funding from any of the companies or manufacturers of any of the products, equipment, or medications that are listed or discussed on this website.  Dr. Gotvald and Austin Vein Specialists does not have any financial interests in medical or healthcare companies related to his medical practice and does not receive any compensation from any vascular / vein / cardiovascular companies.


All the claims related to benefits and performance of the medical treatments and / or procedures listed and discussed on this website have been verified by peer reviewed medical studies that have been published in textbooks and journals that are supported by the American Medical Association and the Society of Vascular Surgery, as published in :

Rutherford, R B, Vascular Surgery (2000), Vol 1 & 2, 5th Edition, Philadelphia, PA, W. B Saunders Company

Attribution of Website

The source of all Published Medical Data on this website is derived from the publication: Rutherford,  R B,  Vascular Surgery (2000), Vol 1 & 2, 5th Edition, Philadelphia, PA, W. B Saunders Company

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