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Diseased Veins & Laser Therapy

cedar park vein laser treatments texasOur Vein Center specializes in the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins of the legs, ankles, feet, and the remainder of the body. One common way to rid the body of these unsightly and diseased veins is do perform laser therapy of these veins. Laser technology uses a specialized heating probe to deliver focused heat to diseased veins. When the veins are exposed to the heat energy, the veins are closed shut with thermal energy. This vein laser process has been given the name “vein ablation” or “thermal ablation.” It is a very successful and safe procedure. Our Cedar Park vein laser specialists have over 15 years of experience in treating skin veins and body veins using laser technology. We have performed many thousands of vein laser procedures.

Types of Vein Disease that Respond to Vein Laser Therapy

There are several types of vein diseases that respond well to vein laser therapy. Our Cedar Park vein laser specialists have experience in treating all of these forms of vein diseases.

Leg Vein Laser Therapy

One type of venous disease that responds extremely well to laser therapy is leg vein disease. Leg vein disease is often the results of a underlying vein circulation condition that is referred to as venous reflux disease. Venous reflux disease also goes by another medical name, called chronic venous insufficiency. This disease is very common and is the primary cause of varicose veins of the legs. It may also contribute to progressive and recurrent reticular veins and spider veins of the legs. This venous reflux disease is best diagnosed with the use of a venous duplex ultrasound and is best performed by a physician or Registered Vascular Ultrasound Technician (RVT) at at vein center that specializes in venous disease diagnosis. We do provide these diagnostic ultrasound studies at our Cedar Park vein center.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are another vein disease that responds very well to laser therapy. Varicose veins are the blue bulging veins that protrude on the legs and look like worms beneath the skin. These varicose veins are often painful and swollen. These veins often respond well to a vein laser called a diode laser. This laser procedure performed for varicose veins is referred to as EVLT or “EndoVenous Laser Treatment.” This vein therapy treats not only the varicose veins but also the underlying venous reflux disease that is causing the varicose veins to develop. The treatment has a 98% success rate. EVLT typically results in immediate relief of leg symptoms of pain, swelling, and fatigue that results from the venous condition.

Spider Veins

Spider veins and telangiectasias are another form of venous disease that can often respond well to vein lasers. Areas of thin skin typically respond the best, such as on the face, feet, and ankles. But other areas of the body, such as the legs, can also respond well to this type of therapy. There are several types of thermal ablation therapies that can be used to treat spider veins including the YAG laser, IPL, VeinGogh, and Ohmic thermolysis. Another option for spider veins is sclerotherapy. Our Cedar Park vein laser specialists will examine your skin and your veins and determine which spider vein treatment is best for your individual condition.

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Because we are board-certified vein specialists with over 15 years of experience is cosmetic vein therapies. We offer all of the latest state-of-the-art therapies. We have unrivaled patient satisfaction scores. We have locations convenient to residents of Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Austin Texas. To schedule your appointment, call our vein center in Cedar Park at (512) 994-9108.

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