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Sclerotherapy is a common cosmetic procedure that is performed by doctors to remove unsightly spider veins from the body. It is the most common therapy performed for removal of skin spider veins in the United States and the most common of the spider vein treatments performed in our Cedar Park vein center. It has been utilize since the 1930s with good success, with advances in the medicatinos over time. It is performed daily at the Cedar Park vein clinics.  Cedar Park sclerotherapy is a very safe and effective therapy that has a low risk of side effects.

The sclerotherapy procedures that we perform involve using small micro needles to inject the abnormal veins with a clear solution called a sclerosant. The injections are done under magnification in order to precisely inject the small veins. With each injection a cluster of the spider veins typically fills with the drug and responds by closing. Multiple injections are performed as a single session. Since the needle is so small there is very little discomfort associated with sclerotherapy. A numbing cream can be applied on the skin prior to the therapy to diminish the sensitivity of the skin to the needles. Often the sclerosant medication will contain an anesthetic that causes numbness during injection rather than pain.

Cedar park sclerotherapy spider vein removal

Spider Vein Removal Cedar Park

Spider veins are very small thread sized veins that are less than 1 mm in size and develop in clusters in the skin. The most frequent locations for spider veins to develop are on the legs, ankles, feet, and face. They occur more commonly in males than in females, but they do occur in both sexes. Caucasians are the most prone race. Spider veins are hereditary and often run in families. Spider veins are not a health concern, but are one of the most common cosmetic concerns for women. Spider veins usually do not indicate a circulation problem in the body, rather they are a minor skin condition. Although they are hereditary, certain situations can aggravate the spread or progression of spider veins. Some examples are pregnancy, being overweight, trauma to the skin, prolonged standing occupations such as cashiers or bank tellers, or having varicose veins.

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Spider vein removal is one of the most common cosmetic skin therapies performed in the United States and abroad. It is a very common vein treatment performed in our Cedar Park clinic. Sclerotherapy is the most common of all spider vein removal procedures. Use of thermal energy is the 2nd most common therapy, although it tends to be less effective on the legs than sclerotherapy. Thermal energy is sometimes preferred over sclerotherpay in certain instances, with these instances often determined by the location of the spider veins on the body. For example, thermal energy treatment for spider vein removal are preferred on the face and the feet. These locations have much thinner skin and more elastic skin, with these areas responding poorly to sclerotherpay. Thin skin areas of the body are much more prone to skin side effects with sclerotherapy, such as skin pigmentation changes which can sometimes be permanent.

Some of the more common thermal energy treatments for spider vein removal include laser therapy (such as Yag or V-beam) , Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, Ohmic Thermolysis, VeinGogh, and Veinwave. All of these therapies can be reasonable therapies for the appropriately chosen spider veins. The best thermal therapy options will depend on the size of the veins, location of the veins, quantity of veins, skin tone, skin health, and ethnicity (darkness of the natural skin). Our vein specialists in Cedar Park will be able to quickly determine which therapy best suites your particular situation.

Sclerotherapy Medications Available In Cedar Park

There are many high quality and effective sclerotherapy medications available. Sclerotherapy drugs that have been frequently utilized by physicians for spider vein removal over the years include hypertonic saline, glycerine, sotradecol, and polidocanol. At our Cedar Park vein clinic, our vein specialists prefer to use the FDA approved medications of Polidocanol (trade name Ascerla) or Sotradecol. These sclerotherapy medications are FDA approved because they have undergone stringent testing and felt to be very safe and effective for spider vein removal.

Length of Sclerotherapy Procedure

Our Cedar Park Sclerotherapy session are typically 30 minutes in length. The session can sometime be shorter if you have a small number of spider veins that need to be treated. We find that most patients with spider veins of the legs can have the majority of their veins treated within 30 minutes. Our vein specialists offer a no-obligation consultation for examination of your leg veins in order to give you an estimate of the number of sessions you may require.

Recovery & Expectations After Sclerotherapy

There will be some skin bruising and some discoloration of the spider veins after the vein treatent. After sclerotherapy, it is advised to avoid strenous exercise from a few days to up to one week after the spider vein injections. Also, our Cedar Park vein physicians recommend the use of some support stockings to maximize the response to the treatment. The stocking should be worn during the day for about one week. Clinical studies show a higher rate of vein disappearance when compression stockings are worn post-treatment. It may take a few weeks to a few months to see the final results. It is not uncommon to need more than one session, particularly if you have a large number of spider veins.  If an additional treatment session is desired, then the same areas are typically not retreated for 4-6 weeks.

Results of Sclerotherapy

In surveys of our Cedar Park sclerotherapy patients, over 80% of patients who undergo sclerotherapy report satisfaction with the treatment results. But the end results may not be achieved for several weeks or even months, as it takes some time for the skin veins to respond and fade after the injections are completed. There is a small chance of abnormal skin reactions occurfing following treatment, but these are almost always temporary. Our Cedar Park sclerotherapy specialists have been performing spider vein removal for over 15 years and have unrivaled patient satisfaction scores.

Cost of Sclerotherapy in Cedar Park

This will depend on the number of veins you have, the length of the treatment, and how many treatment you need to undergo. There is not an additional charge for treating both legs at the same time. Our Cedar Park sclerotherapy experts will give you an estimate after examining your legs.

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