The Link Between Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins

Venous Vein Insufficiency
Venous Vein Insufficiency Treatments at Austin Vein Specialists

An estimated 80 million Americans, or over 25% of the U.S. population, suffer from some form of venous disorder, according to MDNews. Despite the prevalence of venous insufficiency, it can often go underrecognized and under-treated as a result of doctors looking to other causes for poor circulation, including checking potassium and calcium levels.

Venous insufficiency occurs when faulty valves cause blood in the veins to flow backward and pool in the lower half of the body. The increased pressure from the pooled blood is what ultimately leads to the development of varicose veins.

These damaged veins lead to poor circulation back to the heart and can cause hypertension, or inflammation in the leg tissue.

Untreated venous issues can lead to a multitude of serious health problems, including variceal bleeding, venous ulcers, and blood clots, also known as deep venous thrombosis.  It’s important to dispel the myth that venous insufficiency is just a cosmetic issue. Leaving venous issues untreated can eventually lead to much larger problems. [MDNews]

Venous insufficiency can lead to a host of other conditions beyond varicose veins including leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, cellulitis, stasis dermatitis, and more.

If you’ve experienced any symptoms of leg restlessness, cramping, rashes, swelling, or irritation, it’s best to schedule a visit with your doctor to determine the root of the condition and proper treatment.  Call Austin Vein Specialists today at (512) 220-5401 for a complimentary consultation to discuss your symptoms and the advanced vein treatment options that are available at their state-of-the-art vein clinic.


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