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Having spider veins can be awfully harmful to an individual appearance and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are several spider vein treatment options near Austin, TX. They often appear on the surface of the skin mostly legs, but can also be visible on other parts of the body such as the face, arms, or neck. They are not harmful but they always make people self-conscious. Fortunately, there are several spider vein treatment options near Austin, TX.

Scientifically, spider veins are known as Telangiectasia. Generally, these blood vessels carry deoxygenated blood to the heart, they do so against gravity. To assist in their functioning, they have small valves that divide the veins into smaller portions. At times the valves do not work properly and thereby, they allow small amounts of blood to remain in the inner segment of the valve. With time, these deposits stretch the vein causing it to bulge because of the pressure from the flowing blood. Eventually, this causes a stain outside the vein, which often shows on the surface of the skin as red, blue, or purple.

Because they are not harmful, the treatment available for this is generally cosmetic. It must be conducted by the best professionals, who are well experienced in the field. If you are suffering from these problems, you ought to choose carefully and wisely. As much as it is a cosmetic concern, any form of treatment has to be approved in order to avoid regrettable consequences.

One of the best companies that offer such cosmetic assistance is Austin Veins Specialist based in Austin Texas. The company is run by the best experts in cosmetic treatment for varicose and spider veins. Before indulging in any treatments, the specialist takes you through the process and conducts the necessary tests required for your preparation for the procedures.

There are several treatment options that are minimally invasive, which either get rid of the veins or reduce their appearance. The most common procedure involved is called sclerotherapy. This procedure involves injecting a sclerosing agent directly into the affected veins. This agent will eventually scar the vein causing them to gradually fade away and subsequently disappear. This procedure stings and causes a slight discomfort but it goes away after a few days.

Another option is the surface laser treatment also sometimes referred to as the VeinGogh surface thermolysis system. Here, laser beams are delivered to the skin with the intention of clearing off the stains. The laser heats up the veins and clots them. They collapse and become absorbed into the body. There will definitely be some stinging or burning sensation during the treatment but, like all other effects of a cosmetic procedure, they go away.

These spider vein Austin treatment options ought to be the last option an individual has when they want to reduce their occurrence. There are methods that can be used to prevent them. Ideally, keeping a healthy diet, exercising deep breathing, indulging in cardiovascular activities, wearing comfortable, supportive shoes, and wearing graduated compression support stockings.  Once you manage to change your lifestyle for a better and healthier one, you will be reducing the risk of getting spider veins.

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