Overview of Laser Vein Treatments near Pflugerville


When varicose veins begin to show themselves in the legs, individuals may become unhappy with their appearance and the resulting pain. Such veins can cause particular problems for men and women who work at demanding jobs that require them to stand for long periods of time. By using new laser technology, physicians can send bursts of light into the degraded area and close up the veins. Because these veins are superficial, they carry only small volumes of blood back to the heart. For this reason, they can be eliminated with no adverse effects. Before long, patients will notice a lessening of the pain. They will also be much less opposed to wearing skirts, shorts, and other clothing items that show off their legs. When looking into options for laser vein treatments near Pflugerville,  residents should certainly rely on the professionals at Austin Vein Specialists.

Individuals can expect to deal with a number of basic side effects in the aftermath of the procedure. Special stockings will likely have to be worn in the days after this very minor surgery. The stockings will help with blood circulation and the healing process in general. Men and women should consult with their physicians for specific guidance on when the stockings can be removed. Younger individuals may only have to wear them for short periods, while more elderly patients may be required to utilize them for a few extra days or weeks. The ultimate goal is to direct the blood to other veins so that it continues to flow freely and efficiently throughout the body.

Because the surgery can be completed in only a few hours or so, men and women can return to their houses the same day. In fact, laser therapy is quite noninvasive, and patients will always be cared for by the best doctors in the business. Physicians use calibrated lasers to direct light to the right locations. The lasers themselves are both powerful and delicate. They can close off the veins without causing any real discomfort to the patient.

The more experience that physicians have with laser technology, the more efficient they will be at dealing with varicose veins. This technology, however, can also be used to deal with spider veins, which are less serious manifestations of the same general condition. In fact, spider veins are generally so small and thin that they are most often cited as an aesthetic problem by people who wish to have them removed. Though the condition is more common in women, it can also show up in older men.

Prospective patients should always ask questions, especially if they are a bit worried about the procedure. If they have large quantities of distended veins in their legs, then they may want to see if two separate sessions will be needed. Physicians can help them set up a timeline that will work. At this consultation, a general discussion of allergens should also be had. If individuals happen to be allergic to a specific chemical or medication, then an alternative can be used. The procedure can then be approached with foresight and skill. Contact us here or call 512-220-5401 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.


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