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Varicose veins are something most people experience at some point in life. Individuals with this dark network of veins in the calves or lower legs may feel pain or discomfort. Untreated disorders such as varicose veins can be a sign of cardiac insufficiency in the legs that leads to ulcerations and swelling. Medical science is finding new and improved uses for laser every day. One way Texas doctors look to eliminate a varicose vein is by closing it using the photo technology of lasers. This means procedures like our laser vein treatments.

What are Varicose Veins?

In the legs, blood must travel upward to reach the heart. To prevent backflow, veins come with values that trap venous blood. As the vein contracts, blood pushes upward, and the value under it closes. Varicose veins surface when valves malfunction and the vein becomes engorged. The blue coloring is the result of venous blood filling the tube-like vein.

Treatment Options

There are a number of treatment options available for varicose veins. A vein that becomes engorges is ineffective. The goal of most treatments is the closure of the vein. Closing the vein means taking it out of commission. When blood stops passing through it, the varicose vein disappears. One option doctors have been using for years to treat simple spider veins is laser treatment.

Laser Treatments

There are two types of laser treatments available for varicose veins. The simple procedure works for less significant conditions like spider veins. Spider veins are small networks of vessels that become ineffective for blood transport. They can appear as dark, red lines under the skin in the legs. Newer technology is the endovenous treatment for larger varicose veins. Both processes work to create a similar result. The burst of light from a laser develops heat that causes scar tissue to form inside the vein, effectively closing it. A closed vein will eventually die off and disappear.

Simple Laser Treatments – The simple procedure exposes small veins with an external pulse of light from the laser. The treatment is done multiple times.

Endovenous Laser Treatment – Endovenous laser treatments are surgical options for dealing with larger, more serious varicose veins. The doctor inserts a tube catheter into the affected vein. The surgeon threads a laser fiber through the catheter to emit the phototherapy. The heat from the fiber damages the vein causing the formation of scar tissue. The patient is anesthetized during the procedure either with a light sedative, local anesthesia, or in some cases, general anesthesia. Endovenous laser treatment utilizes a duplex ultrasound screen so doctors can see what is going on inside the vein as they work.

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