How Lakeway and Westlake,Texas Vein Treatment For Spider Veins Can Help Your Skin Appearance

How Lakeway and Westlake,Texas Vein Treatment For Spider Veins Can Help Your Skin How Lakeway and Westlake,Texas Vein Treatment For Spider Veins Can Help Your Skin

Lakeway and Westlake, Texas vein treatment can be found at Austin Vein Specialists.  Austin Vein Specialists is the place to go if you are suffering from the effects of telangiectasia (commonly known as spider veins) of the skin. The Veingogh or Veinwave treatment for spider veins uses the revolutionary new Ohmic Surface Thermolysis System. This system is much easier on the face than sclerotherapy. It requires no anesthesia, causes less discomfort, and lets you return to normal activity immediately following the procedure.

Thermocoagulation is administered in a finely focused area using a high-frequency current of energy which is applied by slightly touching the skin around the affected area using a hair-thin probe. The heat that is constructed by the current of energy is sent into the vein that is causing the problems. This causes the wall of the vein to collapse and the vein then disappears. This is a safe and painless procedure that can be carried out in the time that you have for your lunch break. This amazingly gentle technique causes no bruising or bleeding. So bandages are not needed after the procedure. You won’t have any downtime or painful recuperation period.

The telltale signs of telangiectasia, which include the red, purple and pink lines that appear across the skin of your legs, nose, and over other regions of the face. They generally do not cause any problems other than aesthetically. They can cause concern over how you look and make concerns about appearance and looking older than necessary. That is what brings most people into a vein clinic to have a procedure to remove spider veins.

If small spider veins are something that you are concerned with getting, there are some things that can make you more prone to getting Telangiectasia.

First of all, genetics is the number one thing that will tell whether you will have spider veins or not. If you have a relative with spider veins, then chances are much better of you getting them. If it is in your genetics to get spider veins there isn’t really much you can do about it. But some of the other negatives can be dealt with before the situation arises. Pregnancy and obesity can cause spider veins to be worse. Anything that causes pressure on the veins can make them back up and fill with blood and become more obvious. Also, excess sun exposure is a leading cause of spider veins. Sunblock and staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible will help.

Once you have developed spider veins, there really isn’t anything that can be done about them without having a vein specialist intervene. There are creams and lotions on the market that are advertised to reduce or get rid of spider veins. In reality, these products will at best temporarily cover up the appearance of the facial spider veins and never cure them.

If you want to permanently get rid of your spider veins, then the VeinGogh / Veingogh thermolysis treatment for spider veins is a great option. It is now being offered to the communities of Lakeway and Westlake Texas through the vein center at Austin Vein Specialists. You will be taken care of quickly and with minimal discomfort, ridding yourself of the unsightly telangiectasia. Let us show you what living without spider veins is like.


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