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Telangiectasia or Spider veins look like small webs of tiny red, purple or blue veins running across your legs, nose, cheeks and other parts of the face. These veins are just under the surface of the skin or within the skin itself. They can be aesthetically displeasing and cause you to look older than you really are. The Round Rock, Texas Veingogh Veinwave Treatment for Spider Veins is performed by highly qualified physicians that use their expertise to provide you with the highest quality cosmetic vein treatment that is available.

The Round Rock, Texas Veingogh Veinwave Treatment for Spider Veins uses the Ohmic Surface Thermolysis System to treat and eliminate the spider veins that appear on the nose and cheeks. This is done using microbursts of heat energy which are delivered using a hair thin probe that barely touches the surface of the skin. This probe delivers thermocoagulation which is a high-frequency current of energy. This is applied directly to the area that is affected by the telangiectasia. The heat energy that is created by the probe then causes the thin walls of the vein to collapse and disappear almost instantly.

Spider veins are more common in females and generally don’t start until you are older. They can begin in youth and there are some factors that may trigger spider veins. Pregnancy and hormonal variations may cause problems with the veins. Heredity is also a factor in whether you get spider veins or not. If there are several members of your family with spider veins, it raises the chances of you being afflicted. If you are already afflicted with spider veins then hormone levels, obesity and physical trauma may tend to speed up the development of the spider veins.

In most cases the only side effect of spider veins is the aesthetic problems that they cause. Generally they do not end up causing any other problems. So in most cases the choice of having the procedure to remove them is entire yours to make. Sometimes spider veins can be a sign of more severe problems. Blood clots and circulatory disorders are problems with the veins that should be checked into before having further intervention.

The Round Rock, Texas Veingogh Veinwave Treatment for Spider Veins can be done at any time that is convenient for you. There is very little pain and it only takes about 30 minutes. There is no bruising and no bandaging required. You will walk out of the office to resume your activities as normal looking and feeling great. Using these aesthetic therapies helps us to achieve our goal in extending exceptional cosmetic results to you and ensuring outstanding patient satisfaction.

If you are struggling with the problem of facial spider veins, we offer you the safest and least invasive methods possible with no down time. The main focus of the Round Rock, Texas Veingogh Veinwave Treatment for Spider Veins is to restore a natural youthful appearance to your skin and get you back living your life as soon as possible. Contact us now to see if you are a candidate for Veingogh Treatment for spider veins of the legs, nose, or face.  Contact us here or call 512-220-5401.

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