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One of the most distressing things for people with regard to their appearance is the presence of visible veins on their bodies. These veins are quite unattractive to look at as well as being painful and may appear in places such as the knees, the legs, the face, and many other body parts. These veins are usually known as varicose veins, spider veins, or reticular veins. The good news though is that they can be treated over a short period and gotten rid of. This is done using several methods with sclerotherapy being one of the most popular among its sufferers. If you want to use this method to get rid of these unwanted veins then you want one of the best Sclerotherapy Doctors near Austin, TX.

Sclerotherapy is a method of treating veins that involve the use of injections to medicate the visible veins thus causing them to shrink. This is done over a period of a month to two months and as the veins seal shut and gradually dissolve. It is therefore important for you to get the services of a doctor who uses medication that has been approved by the FDA in order to avoid medical complications from unapproved medication later on.

The medication called a sclerosant has to be injected into the veins using the right needles. These needles are unlike the usual needles in that they have a very small diameter, much smaller in fact than an acupuncture needle. This is to prevent bleeding that may arise from large puncture wounds on veins that carry blood. Ensure your doctors use the right needles and do not cut any corners in this regard.

Sclerosant medications are a dime a dozen and you need to ensure that you get the services of the right professionals. that employs the best medication possible. This is because some of these medications carry tremendous side effects that may cost you a lot of pain and irritation before your veins are cured. One of the best in the market is polidocanol, which is highly favored for its minimal side effects as well as great cosmetic results once the treatment is over. Ask your doctor if they use this medication for the procedure before you become a client.

Due to the precise nature of the procedure, you should ensure that you get doctors who use the best technological devices possible to inject you in the right spot. These devices include ultra-sound guided imaging systems that will enable them to view your trouble spots with accuracy.

Other advanced treatment methods may include the use of foam sclerotherapy which is also FDA approved. This new method of treating varicose and spider veins is also quite popular with patients because it has a very low discomfort rate. Any sclerotherapy service provider who cares about their patients will have this technique as an option.

It is important to find out the duration of each treatment. Sclerotherapy service providers like Austin Vein Specialists can do the procedure in under an hour each time thus leaving you with room to do other things. The company will also provide you with a consultation before the procedure. You can enjoy a vein-free body once your treatment course is done.

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