Curing Varicose Veins At A Pflugerville Vein Institute

woman having pain in her leg veins

If you suffer from varicose veins, you should investigate the options you may have at a Pflugerville vein institute. Many new treatments have been developed in recent years for this condition that is far superior to the merely suppressive techniques of the past and the invasive surgical procedures that served as alternatives. This problem with blood vessels has been well-studied for a long time and doctors are finally coming up with solutions that really improve a patient’s quality of life.

Why Do Some People Get Varicose Veins?

Most people think of the heart as a master control center for the blood coursing through their veins. This is actually only true in regards to the blood traveling away from their heart in blood vessels known as arteries. These arteries carry oxygen-rich blood to every part of the human anatomy. The blood disperses from the arteries through smaller vessels known as capillaries. From these capillaries, the blood distills into the veins, which carry the blood back to the heart.

It is not the heart, however, that powers this return. Instead, muscle movements and breathing actions haul the blood back to the heart, usually working against gravity. To keep blood from flowing back down between these pulsing actions, veins are equipped with special valves every so often that keep blood moving forward.

When these valves fail, as they do sometimes, the veins function less efficiently and the blood ends up pooling in one place. Consequently, the veins in which this happens will swell, becoming larger and deformed. This happens most often in surface veins of the legs, but only with some people.

What Are the Symptoms?

The first symptoms that a sufferer might have of their varicose vein problem will probably be pain or an itching sensation on the skin above where a problem exists. The visible attribute of varicose veins will only manifest itself later. As time goes by and the condition gets worse, the pain will often increase, especially when the sufferer stands or walks.

Are There Any Solutions?

In times past, doctors used to simply recommend garments that covered the problem. Eventually, supportive stockings could put pressure on the affected area and provide some relief at least. Later, surgeons discovered ways to go in to surgically remove the veins. Since most varicose veins are just surface veins that do not return a significant amount of blood, no lasting harm was done by this procedure. However, it was quite invasive and painful and left scars.

A modern procedure, known as sclerotherapy, can solve the problem of varicose veins in a non-invasive fashion without leaving significantly visible marks. Doctors penetrate the veins and inject a special solution. Over time, this treatment causes the veins to collapse. The body can return the blood through other veins that are properly functioning.

If you are interested in this procedure for yourself or a friend, contact a Pflugerville vein institute for more information. The dermatologists there can help you understand the problem and solve it in just a few weeks. Contact us here or call 512-220-5401 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.


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