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VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis

VeinGogh is a safe and effective method of removing unsightly spider veins from the skin. It is very effective on all skin types. It uses a unique thermal technology referred to as Ohmic Thermolysis. This heat based therapy is a gentle way to deliver small microburst of heat to the abnormal veins, causing them to seal closed and quickly fade away.

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VeinGogh Procedure Description

Veingogh spider vein removal austin texas

Since VeinGogh is a skin therapy that requires detailed magnified viewing of the small spider veins within the skin, the patient is advised not to apply any makeup, lotions, or suncreen to the skin on the day of the procedure.  VeinGogh is performed either with or without topical anesthesia. Since very little discomfort is associated with the therapy, then there is no requirement for premedication.  If topical anesthesia is preferred by the patient to decrease the amount of discomfort, then numbing cream is applied to the patients skin at the treatment areas about 60 to 90 minutes prior to the procedure.

Upon arrival to the vein clinic, the procedure is explained and a consent form if obtained.  The skin is cleansed with an antiseptic that is alcohol based or chlorhexidine based.  Using this type of clear antiseptic prevents any staining of the skin that could otherwise obscure the skin veins being treated.  It also is very effective in removing any unwanted skin oil from the treatment area prior to the thermal therapy.

Ice is then applied briefly to the skin and the veins to allow the veins to spasm and constrict.  Smaller constricted veins are easier to heat and close with the VeinGogh device.  The doctor then uses a special headlight with magnification lenses to allow more precise “zapping” of the veins.  As a results of the high-intensity lighting, eye protection with suntan goggles will be placed over your eyes prior to the device being utilized.

VeinGogh technology

The physician will then slowly and precisely apply the VeinGogh heat energy to the skin at the areas of spider veins.  The device will deliver small microbursts of heat energy through the skin and into the spider veins that cause the veins to close and fade almost immediately.  A typical treatment session usually last about 20 minutes.  Patient often are often completely satisfied after only one session, although if you have extensive, large, or resistant spider veins then more than one sesssion may be needed.

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What To Expect After the Procedure

Your skin will typically be slightly puffy and red at the treatment sites for up to a few hours after the procedure.  There will be some slight bruising, but no extensive bruising that often occurs with other laser devices.

You are advised to apply Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to the treatment areas 2 to 3 times daily for several days to a week after the procedure.  A cool pack or intermittent ice pack on the day of the procedure can also be useful.  You should avoid sun exposure to the treatment area until any skin discoloration has resolved.  Any required sun exposure should be combated with high-SPF sun screen.  Most patients have resolution of any skin discoloration after anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, as skin tone and age of the skin can affect how quickly the skin heals.  Some patients describe a “cat scratch” appearance on the treatment areas of the skin that may show up a few days after the procedure but which quickly resolves.

If you obtain good results but desire treatment of additional veins in the same areas of your body, it is typically safe to undergo another session about 6 weeks later.

Austin Vein Specialists – World Expert on VeinGogh Therapy

Spider Vein Before and After Treatment Photos

Dr. Gotvald is not only a leading expert in Texas, but one of the few physician in the world with multiple years of experience using the VeinGogh device. He is a featured vein expert on the website due to his expertise in the field of spider vein therapies.  He has also been on the “physician spotlight” on and Texas Monthly Magazine to discuss the procedure.  He has successful treated hundreds of patients with this device with a very high satisfaction rate.

VeinGogh is not the only procedure available for spider veins and this procedure is not the best option for everyone.  If you are interested in being evaluated for spider vein treatment, contact our Vein Centers to find out more.  Our vein experts can examine your skin and your veins and determine which spider vein therapy is right for you.

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