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Leg Vein Removal Treatments in Cedar Park

Interested In leg Vein Removal Cedar Park?  Our vein specialists in Cedar Park Texas are experts in the removal of diseased leg veins. Unsightly or painful leg veins are referred to as spider veins or varicose veins. They are most often a genetically inherited condition that worsens as you age. Pregnancy, female gender, aging, being overweight, prolonged standing, and trauma all contribute the the development of varicose veins and spider veins.

But there is no need to live with these unsightly and uncomfortable veins. We can restore the youthful appearance of your legs and improve the appearance of you skin by offering you effective therapy for your condition. Our leg vein removal experts can discuss your treatment options at our Cedar Park vein clinic location.

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Leg Vein Removal Cedar Park:  Vein Types

Interested in vein removal Cedar Park? There are many effective methods for removal of abnormal leg veins. The method utilized will depend on the size, location, and number of veins that you have. Abnormal leg veins are classified into three different types of veins:

1) Small veins = spider veins.  These are the smallest type of veins on the legs.  They are thread-sized and usually from in small clusters or “webs.”  Spider veins are the most common type of veins for which people seek cosmetic treatments.

2) Medium Veins = reticular veins.  Medium sized abnormal leg veins are referred to medically as reticular veins.  These vein range in size from 1-3 mm in diameter.  These veins are usually also just a cosmetic concern.  They can be located anywhere on the leg, but a common location is behind the knees. Reticular veins can sometimes be an indication a more more serious circulation problem referred to as venous insufficiency.

3) Large veins = varicose veins.  Varicose veins are the most serious form of leg surface veins.  These are the larger blue bulging veins that often look like worms beneath the skin.  They are larger than 3 mm in diameter.  These veins bulge since they are under too much pressure from vein valve dysfunction and abnormal “pooling” of blood.  Most patients who have varicose veins suffer from a medical condition referred to as venous reflux disease.  This condition also frequencty involves deeper veins beneath the surface that are called saphenous veins or perforator veins.

Vein Removal Cedar Park can include removal of all of these types of leg veins.

Leg Vein Removal Cedar Park: Classification of  Procedures

  1. Catheter Therapies – Noninvasive treatments that are done through an IV to treat varicose veins. These are often referred to as endovascular or endovenous procedures These procedures include radiofrequency treatments, the Venefit ClosureFast Procedure, EVLT endovenous laser treatment, VenaSeal vein glue, and Varithena endovenous catheter ablation therapy.
  2.  Injection Procedures – Noninvasive therapies that can be utilized to treat spider veins, reticular veins, and varicose veins.  These procedures utilize specially formulated vein medications.  Examples of injection therapy include sclerotherpay and Varithena.  These are often done under image guidance with ultrasound.
  3.  Laser therapies or Heat-Based Therapies – These therapies utilize thermal energy to remove abnormal veins.  Common examples include surface lasers for spider veins, EVLT diode lasers for varicose veins, Veinwave, VeinGogh, IPL, and the Yag laser.
  4.  Vein Plastic Surgery – Although vein surgery has been largely replaced by less invasive options, there is still certain instances where plastic surgery is the best option.  Micro phlebectomy vein surgery is a minimally invasive method of removing varicose veins with plastic surgery.  It provides a good cosmetic results with very small puncture incisions.

Which Vein Removal Procedure is Best for Me?

Only a board-certified vein specialist can answer that question. Contact us to arrange your free no-obligation consultation with one of our certified vein experts!

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