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At Austin Vein Specialists, a Vein Institute near Jollyville, Texas the doctors can help patients with varicose veins in a number of very effective ways. Previous treatments for this painful and troubling affliction once simply hid the symptoms or covered up the problem. New treatments can reduce the problem significantly or even remove the problems altogether. In fact, while surgical solutions for this problem have existed for some time, the newest approaches are much less invasive and can even prevent scarring or other noticeable traces.

How Do Varicose Veins Happen?

The human heart pumps blood through the arteries. These arteries spread throughout the body and slowly reduce in size until every part of the body receives the oxygen-enriched blood flowing outward from the heart. After passing through capillaries into the veins, the heart is no longer a major factor in pushing the blood back to the heart. In most cases, the blood is fighting gravity to get back there.

Blood returns to the heart with the help of muscles and breathing action. This blood travels upward in pulsing movements and must be prevented from falling back. Special valves located periodically in the veins trap the blood and keep it moving smoothly toward the heart in equivalent amounts.

When these valves break down or otherwise perform poorly, the blood backs up. The veins and the tissue around them swell up. This usually occurs in blood vessels on the surface of the leg though it can occur elsewhere.

The Symptoms of Varicose Veins

You might think that the appearance of these swollen veins is the first thing to tip off someone with this problem. The visible manifestation of this affliction is actually the last thing to be noticed. When the veins begin to swell they cause pain even before they are noticeable. They also cause many sufferers to experience irresistible itches. When people do not control their scratching, ulcers can form.

When people suffer from this condition, they often experience pain when standing and especially when they walk. This can lead to other health problems because they will often give up on moving around as much as possible. Then they begin to suffer the usual effects of low mobility, such as weight gain and further complications with their varicose veins.

What Can Our Vein Institute Do to Help?

Sclerotherapy is a popular approach to this problem. While it is not a suppressive approach that just tries to cover up the problem it is also not as invasive as a typical surgery. A vein surgeon uses a special needle or laser to access the veins. These holes are filled with special solutions that cause the veins to collapse. Since most of the blood vessels in question are superficial, there is little danger involved. Most blood is returned to the heart by veins placed more deeply in the leg. For larger blood vessels, surgeons can use ultrasound techniques.

If you or someone you know suffers from varicose veins, contact Austin Vein Specialists near Jollyville, Texas for help. You can learn more about this health issue as well as discover different permanent solutions for your vein problems.

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