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At our vein clinic near West Lake Hills, Texas, we offer special and innovative vein treatments to deal with varicose veins and spider veins of the legs. Past treatments for this condition often just covered up the signs or suppressed some of the symptoms. Medical technology, however, has advanced sufficiently to allow vein doctors to address this problem directly. With newer vein technology, this can often be done without leaving any signs of the treatment.

Why Do Varicose Veins Happen?

The heart pumps blood through the arteries in order to feed the body with oxygen and other substances necessary to support life. Once the blood has done its job, it needs to travel back to the heart and lungs where it can be enriched with oxygen once again. To get there, the blood travels through blood vessels known as veins.  Much of this journey is done while fighting gravity. This is particularly true of the veins in the leg. Sometimes, the structure of the veins in the leg breaks down. The veins begin to perform their work less efficiently.

When this occurs, blood begins to pool locally around the veins that do not function properly. This only occurs in some people and usually manifests visibly in the surface veins of their lower legs. Varicose vein blood vessels can manifest themselves in deeper veins as well. As the blood pools, a person will often notice swelling and tenderness before anything else. He or she may also have an irresistible desire to scratch the surface over the area affected.

As time goes on, the pain will usually become worse. The swollen veins will become visible from the outside. Unsightly visible veins spread on the surface of the skin. If the sufferer cannot resist scratching, ulcers may form over the veins. Walking and even standing become painful. People suffering from varicose veins often forgo exercise due to the pain and begin to suffer from weight gain and the usual negative consequences that accompany obesity.

What Are Some Therapies Available for Treatment?

Fortunately, doctors have discovered several ways to deal with this problem that can improve the appearance of your legs and lessen the pain greatly. Often the problem can be cured altogether. Among these vein solutions available are surgical options and some less invasive techniques. The options include procedures such as sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), VNUS radiofrequency vein ablation, and surface thermolysis (also known as Veinwave or Veingogh). All of these options are located at our vein center in central Texas, located near West Lake Hills.

Phlebectomy is a surgical approach to this problem. Surgeons make incisions and actually remove the veins that are causing the problem. This does not usually have a long-term effect on the patient because surface veins only carry a small portion of the body’s blood to the heart. Blood can find new veins to use on its way back.

Sclerotherapy is a less invasive surgical procedure. Doctors inject special solutions into the veins. Left in place, these solutions cause the veins to shrink. In some cases, they disappear entirely.

These are only two of the many solutions to varicose veins that you can learn about at our vein clinic near West Lake Hills. Ask the doctors there for more information if you suffer from varicose veins. They may have the solution that fits your problem. We offer a free initial consultation for varicose veins or spider veins of the legs.

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