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Varithena Sclerotherapy Medication Approved by FDA for Varicose Veins

We interviewed a Premier Vein Specialist, Dr. Joel Gotvald, to discuss the use of the newest FDA-approved medication for the treatment of leg vein disease.  He is going to discuss how the Varithena therapy is different from prior FDA-approved medications and what advantages it has over traditional sclerotherapy in Austin Texas.

Varithena Polidocanol Sclerotherapy Varicose Veins Legs

What is Varithena?

“Varithena is the newest FDA-approved medication for the treatment of leg vein disease. And it is the first and only FDA-approved foam for the treatment of venous insufficiency, the cause of varicose veins. Varithena is designed to treat several different forms of leg vein disease. It is approved to treat the incompetent saphenous veins of the legs that lead to the formation of varicose veins at the surface. But it is also approved for the varicose vein branch tributaries at the skin surface that emanate from the dysfunctional saphenous veins below the surface. Varithena can be used for varicose veins both above the knee and below the knee. It is designed to treat several different forms of leg vein disease that previously were not candidates for sclerotherapy in Austin Texas.
Varithena is approved for many sizes of varicose veins of the legs, ranging from smaller reticular veins that are a few millimeters in diameter up to larger ropey varicose veins that are over 12 mm in diameter. In the Vanish trial in which the drug was studied, veins ranging from 3 mm to 19 mm were treated successfully. The ability to treat veins of all different diameters with a single treatment modality is a great advancement in vein disease management,” according to Dr. Gotvald.

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What is Unique About the Varithena Drug?

“Prior use of medication to chemically ablate leg veins were considered off-label use, meaning that the treatment was not approved by the FDA due to inadequate medical studies in the United States to show safety and efficacy. Varithena has undergone those required medical studies and therefore received approval by the FDA for physician use. Varithena is also unique in that it used a distinctive low-nitrogen (<0.8% mixture) gas mixture of 65% oxygen to 35% carbon dioxide that is combined with the sclerosant drug polidocanol. This proprietary method of drug preparation into a delivery canister creates a stable standardized and cohesive micro-foam. This low-nitrogen micro-foam precisely and uniformly delivers the drug to the varicose vein wall, causing a highly effective vein closure rate. The foam effectively displaces the venous blood and causes uniform drug distribution to the diseased veins,” as relayed by Dr. Gotvald. “I have been extremely pleased with the study results and my personal experience in using this medication,” states Dr. Gotvald.

Can You Describe How the Treatment is Performed?

“At Austin Vein Specialists, we take a team approach in which the medical team works together to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for every patient.  I personally perform every Varithena injection myself.  But I am also assisted by a trusted Ultrasound Technician who is an RVT and who has years of experience in vein interventions.  I also utilize very experienced medical assistants to help me with the preparation of the patient and the procedure setup.”

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“After I have thoroughly explained the procedure to the patient and have answered all of their questions, then we lay the patient down on a procedure table.  We swab the skin with alcohol over the area of disease veins.  We use ultrasound imaging to visualize the diseased veins as we insert a small needle into the lumen of the veins.  Under ultrasound guidance, we then slowly and precisely inject the medication into the lumen of the diseased veins.  Since the medication is highly visible on ultrasound, we can precisely deliver the drug only to the intended target veins.  We then withdraw the needle and briefly hold pressure at the site.  We place a compression stocking on the leg and the patient walks out of the office.  That is all!” states Dr. Gotvald. “We are highly experienced in Varithena sclerotherapy Austin Texas!”

How Have You Applied the Use of Varithena to Your Medical Practice?

“I have utilized this particular therapy in many different ways.  I have been able to treat many more of my patients with less invasive options as a result of Varithena becoming FDA-approved.  Varithena has allowed me to perform fewer vein surgeries and more office-based vein treatments in which skin incisions are not needed.  Instead of needing to do surgical vein removal operations such as strippings or phlebectomy, I can often utilize Varithena.  It allows me to treat large segments of diseased veins in a shorter period of time with minimally invasive methods. This minimizes the risks to the patients and decreases the pain and recovery time.   I have also been able to treat deeper veins that are diseased, such as incompetent saphenous veins, that may have required more invasive options in the past.  It also has great utility in patients with very tortuous or serpentine segments of varicose veins which have previously been challenging to treat with catheter-based approaches in the past,” according to Dr. Gotvald.

Who is a Candidate for Varithena?

“Almost all individuals with varicose veins of the legs are candidates for Varithena therapy. Since it can be utilized for small veins, medium-sized veins, and larger varicose veins, it can be applied to most patients with venous disease. A physical exam by a highly trained vein specialist and an ultrasound of your leg veins will help to confirm that you are an ideal candidate,” states Dr. Gotvald

What Should Someone Do If They Are Interested in Varithena Therapy?

“Call Austin Vein Specialists! I always recommend that board-certified Vein Specialists with the proper experience perform these types of interventions. It takes a high level of skill and experience to perform these procedures safely and successfully.  At Austin Vein Specialists, you will also be seen by a board-certified vascular surgeon and vein specialists with over 20 years of experience. We are the premier location for Varithena Sclerotherapy in Austin Texas! All of our evaluations and treatments are performed personally by me,” states Dr. Gotvald. “Our phone number for appointments is (512) 220-5401. We also have a contact form on our website to allow patients to contact us for appointments after normal business hours,” Dr. Gotvald informed us.


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