Using Sclerotherapy To Treat Varicose Veins near Georgetown, TX


Using sclerotherapy to treat varicose veins near Georgetown, TX, Austin Vein Specialists provide the most advanced technologies available.  Varicosities are one of the most common vascular problems experienced by women as they grow older. This type of vascular condition does not only provide discomforting symptoms but also makes the affected part of the body look very unattractive. Nevertheless, there are already a lot of solutions available that can help eradicate the symptoms of varicose veins. These solutions come in the form of laser therapies and advanced procedures. One particular cosmetic center that provides all of these wonderful vascular interventions is  Austin Vein Specialists located in North Austin and led by Dr. Joel Gotvald and serving the towns north of Austin, including Round Rock and Georgetown, Texas. The center is complete with all the effective remedies to treat and manage all types of vascular diseases. A good example of a procedure used to combat the effect of varicosities is none other than sclerotherapy.

Understanding How Sclerotherapy Works

Sclerotherapy is a type of medical procedure that is used to treat unsightly and very painful varicose and spider veins. This process works by administering a special type of sclerosing solution called sclerosant directly into the affected or damaged veins in the system. In order to do this, a very minute type of needle is used to penetrate small veins that are visible beneath the surface of the skin. The needle is even smaller compared to the needle used in acupuncture. Once the needle is inserted, the solution will slowly be administered to the different sections of the abnormal veins. This solution causes the vein lining to irritate, which will eventually develop into scar tissues. This causes the vein to collapse and become absorbed by the system.

For many years, sclerotherapy has been effectively used in thousands of people across the globe. Up to now, it is still one of the highly recommended treatment interventions against varicosities. In order for the procedure to become successful and prevent causing any side effects, it is usually guided with ultrasound to provide actual imaging of the entire process. This will ensure that the injections made will be accurate and precise.

The number of sessions needed in order for the treatment to become effective will depend on the severity of the condition of the problem. For those clients with lengthy damaged veins, they will usually undergo more sessions compared to other patients. Nevertheless, specialists would usually recommend several sessions of this treatment to make sure that the desired result is achieved. Usually, an injection is made in every square inch of the damaged vein. This procedure can be done inside the doctor’s office and it will usually last not more than an hour. One of the highly preferred medications used in sclerotherapy is none other than polidocanol or Asclera.  This is due to its minimal side effects and wonderful cosmetic benefits.

The process of sclerotherapy does not require the use of any type of anesthesia. Since the needle used is very small, this does not create severe pain upon injection. Aside from this, the newer type of medications used for this procedure such as polidocanol does not create a burning sensation after the treatment since the medication itself is already formulated with a numbing anesthetic property. Because of the wonderful benefits provided by this treatment procedure, sclerotherapy remains to be one of the most popular and sought-after managements against spider veins and varicose problems in the body. To learn more about sclerotherapy click here.

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