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The Austin Vein and Laser Center at Austin Vein Specialists provides a service that is much more than cosmetic. Varicose veins do not disturb people who have them just because they do not like the way that they look. They are also quite painful. In addition, these are symptoms of poor functioning in the vascular system that can cause problems beyond the pain in patients.

Why You Should Be Concerned About This

Most people do not need anyone to tell them to be concerned about their varicose veins. These swollen veins hurt and often cause itching which can create ulcers if people are not careful about them. Since the pain becomes worse when standing, they actually cause many people to avoid mobility and exercise, which only makes their condition worse as they get out of shape. This can also exacerbate the seriousness of the varicose veins and the discomfort that they cause.

However, there may be good reasons to get rid of these veins that go beyond the pain that they cause or the way that they look. These deformations of the veins occur because these blood vessels are no longer functioning properly. The pumping of the heart muscle moves blood through the body’s arteries, which become smaller and smaller as they extend to nearly every single location in the body. However, the heart muscle does not bring the blood back. The pumping action of the leg muscles and other parts of the body haul the blood back to the heart against the force of gravity. Blood is kept from pooling in any area by special valves that exist every so often in each vein.

Veins deform when these valves fail and allow blood to fall back. This causes swelling beyond the normal capacity of each vein and eventually causes pain. People with varicose veins will also feel an itch. However, this is the extent of the problem only so long as the failure occurs in superficial veins, which only return a small percentage of the body’s blood. As long as the veins deep inside the leg are working, then there will be few other effects.

When the condition extends to many superficial veins or to deep veins, a patient might begin to feel increased discomfort and see skin conditions break out. Minor trauma can cause severe bleeding. In some cases, carcinoma or sarcoma have been reported.

How the Austin Vein and Laser Center Can Help

Surgeons can deal with these problems very effectively through one of several methods. Sclerotherapy is popular with doctors and patients because it is simple and non-invasive. Surgeons inject a special solution into the area around the veins and then wrap up the leg for a few weeks while the veins collapse and leave few if any marks. Laser ablative therapy collapses the veins with a tiny hole made by a laser.

If you struggle with varicose veins, contact the specialists here. The surgical teams have a variety of solutions for you. You can put an end to your discomfort in a matter of weeks.

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