New Vein Treatment

New Modern Leg Vein Removal With Laser and Injections

Vein Clinic Offering New Modern Leg Vein Removal Leg Vein Removal With Vein Lasers At Austin Vein Specialists we offer the latest vein laser procedures.  We have the geodynamic EVLT laser for the treatment of varicose veins.  This device has a 98% successful vein-ablation rate!  Not only with your legs look better, but since this

Venefit Procedure

Venefit Procedure For Varicose Veins Acquired By Medtronic The Venefit procedure, previously known as the VNUS Closure device, is the most common treatment performed in the United States for a medical condition referred to as Venous Reflux Disease. Venous reflux disease is the #1 cause of varicose veins of the legs. Varicose veins and venous

Varithena Foam Sclerotherpy Varicose Vein Treatment

Varithena Foam Sclerotherapy Varithena foam sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive method of treating varicose vein disease of the legs. It uses a proprietary medication to treat diseased leg veins that are unsightly or veins that are causing leg pain and swelling. Contact Austin Vein Specialists to see if you are a candidate for the newest

First ever catheter-based vein therapy raises $5.9 million in funding

Chronic venous insufficiency, the condition when blood doesn’t travel from the legs back to the heart properly, results in skin changes, painful ulceration, can cause problems with leg swelling, and can be associated with varicose veins. A common condition that affects nearly 24 percent of adults, treatment for chronic venous insufficiency is currently limited to