Banish Spider Veins For Good With Sclerotherapy


Women all over the world are suffering from a condition called spider veins. It is sad because this is a curable condition. One of the best treatment options for this condition is called sclerotherapy Austin. Spider veins make it very hard for women to be confident because of the way they look. In most cases, spider veins consist of clusters of purple, red, or blue veins.

The condition is most common on the ankles, thighs, and calves. It is important not to mistake spider veins for another condition called varicose veins. Unlike the painful condition of varicose veins, this condition does not actually cause any pain. The biggest problem for people suffering from this condition is the fact that it takes away from their beauty.

By now, you are probably wondering what exactly sclerotherapy actually is. Put simply, this is basically the most effective treatment for treating the spider vein condition. We offer this treatment to our patients because it is very effective. When we treat patients with this therapy, we actually inject a powerful serum into the veins that are having problems. The serum will cause the veins to disappear from view because it forces them to collapse.

We like to use this therapy because it also works for other types of conditions that our patients might be suffering from. Burning sensations, constant aching, swelling, and cramping are all conditions that sclerotherapy can be used for. Patients can receive this therapy in a matter of 15 to 50 minutes. Most treatment sessions will be finished much sooner than 50 minutes. To receive this treatment, all you need to do is lie down on the table.

Your bare legs will need to be exposed so that we can prepare the areas that we are going to treat using a sterile solution. After that, we will inject the serum into the veins in the areas that need to be treated. We might need to perform anywhere from five up to 40 or more injections. The pain and discomfort for the procedure are very minimal, so you do not have to worry. Women of virtually any age can receive sclerotherapy treatment from us. Most of our patients are between the ages of 35 and 55.

This treatment option will work well for men also, but most men decide against having this procedure performed. In some cases, it might take up to two sessions before the full effects of the treatment will begin to take shape. Austin Vein Specialists can help you to get rid of your spider veins for good. It is very hard to live with a condition like this without feeling self-conscious.

Most people who have this condition suffer from decreased self-confidence as a result of the appearance that the condition gives them. Sclerotherapy is the most effective treatment that we use for our patients who have this condition, and it works for our patients time and time again. Improve your life and feel confident again by saying bye to this horrible condition forever.

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